1. Punkttegn Born 1980, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. Punkttegn 2010 Debut concert at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

  1. Punkttegn 2007-2009 Post graduate master degree in composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

  1. Punkttegn 2008-2009 Studies in composition with Beat Furrer at Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz.

  1. Punkttegn 2002-2007 Diploma in composition at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

  1. Punkttegn 1996-1999 Highschool (Mathematic/Musical) Sankt Annae Gymnasium.

  1. Punkttegn Nicolai Worsaae studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with professor Bent Sørensen, Hans Abrahamsen, Niels Rosing-Schow and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg. He has a bachelor, master and a postgraduate master degree from this school and additional studies abroad at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz with professor Beat Furrer. His main focus is score based instrumental compositions with electronic sound layers such as in his piece for Sinfonietta, Emphatische Ellipse, and the 2nd String quartet. The combination of sample based sounds and amplified performers are evident in the piece Du hast gesagt for Song and electronics as well as the piece WaWV. The musical language of Nicolai Worsaae has not seldom been called expressive and very direct. Contrasts and energetic variety are important parametres in building the formal structures as well as the relationship between development and repetition. The idea from the Musique concrete by treating real sounds as musical material with focus on everyday sounds and objects and their relations or context is transformed into the use of classical instruments and their specific and unique sound qualities and physical limits. This idea and tecnique is very obvious in the orchestra piece Zugendlos and in Emphatische Ellipse where also the fundamental inspiration of the pieces have been own experiences with concrete sounds or sound phenomenas.

The interest in performative elements and specific set up’s for the music is present in later pieces such as Et frappe, Du hast gesagt, Replication#1 and Quarantaine for  choir and two musicians. Common to these pieces is the integration of physical movements with in the composition. The concretization of choreographic aspects that in any case is part of the performance gives an extra dimenension to the composition.  It simply helps directing abstract musical structures into more concrete expressions.

  1. Punkttegn Nicolai Worsaae has been performed by a number of ensembles inside as well as outside Denmark. Ensembles such as Ensemble Intercontemporain (FR), The Ensemble Recherche (DE), Arditti String quartet (UK), London Sinfonietta (UK), Oslo Sinfonietta (NO), The Athelas Sinfonietta (DK), Stockholm Curious Chamber Players (SE), Gothenburg Opera Orchestra (SE), Ensemble Figura (DK), Ars Nova Malmö (SE), Ensemble Scenatet (DK) and others. In the spring 2010 he had his final debut concert from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. A concert organized in collaboration with The London Sinfonietta, and two other graduating composers, Christian Winther Christensen and Rune Glerup.

Nicolai has received both scolarships and prizes for his work as composer such as the anual prize of the Danish Composers Society (2008), The Idella fund (2008), The Danish Art Council (2010, 2011, 2012) and The Sonning fund (2010) as well as several smaller scholarships.

Nicolai is a member of the Danish Composers Society. Many of his pieces are published at the Edition·S.     

  1. Punkttegn Nicolai Worsaae is one of the founders of the composers group Dygong together with Simon Loeffler, Christian Winther Christensen and Regin Petersen. A platform specialized in new music inspired by or often in collaboration with other artforms. The idea is to present new music in a different way by conceptualizing and rethinking the classical concert using visual and auditory elements to create an uninterrupted movement. Dygong has played at a numerous of festivals during the last couple of years such as Nordic Music Days 2009 in Oslo and 2010 in Copenhagen, SPOR-festival 2008 and Borealis festival in Bergen 2010, Athelas new  music festival in 2010, UNM festival 2011 in Copenhagen, Nordic Music Days 2011 in Copenhagen and at the Wundergrund festival 2011 in Copenhagen.